The Minimum N100,000.

The minimum number of units you can invest is one (1) and you can invest as many units as you desire subject to availability.

A unit represents One (1) acre of our farmland.

You get 50% return on investment

After investing, it will take you Six (6) months.

With your investment in this corn farm project;

  1. You have collaborated with us in achieving food security.
  2. You have helped to create jobs for the unemployed for as many as up to 300 young men and women that will be in charge of this project.
  3. You enable us fulfill our vision of creating sustainable wealth for you.

Yes, we are real farmers, we do not contract farmers. At H O CORN, we have a team of Agric experts and technical partners with many years of experience. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the farm projects follow standard farm management practices whilst employing the most modern farming techniques, improved seedlings and modern farm equipment; to ensure we have the best yields.

We use modern farm equipment in production from cultivation, planting and up to harvesting. We are fully mechanized.

We started corn farming in 2017.

Yes. H O CORN is a registered company with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and our Reg. No is: RC 1655789.

Before now, we having been farming corn without sourcing external funding, but our desire to increase capacity to 30,000 acres and meet our goal, was marred by the lack of required capital to carry out the farm project, therefore, we created this platform to enable us raise funds.

It is real that we are offering 50% ROI for any capital you invest. Based on our experience, for every N100,000 spent on an acre, we will realize nothing less than N428,000. This is so because, In an acre you have a minimum of 21,400 corn plant population which means we can sell and make high profit to conveniently pay you the capital you invest and the 50% interest and earn ours to reinvest for growth and sustainability in the business.

No! This is not MMM. We are real and we are proud corn farmers and our business office and farm is open for visit anytime you so wish.

Yes, there are top companies waiting to buy what we produce because, the total corn cultivation in Nigeria is not enough to cater for demands.

Yes, your investment is safe because we have Anchor Insurance that will cover the entire farm project.

Yes! the insurance will cover the investment capital only. In the event of an unforeseen circumstances such as flood, fire, disease, aircraft accident etc.; This means, we will refund your capital invested.

At the moment, we have not been issued an Insurance Policy Number. An Insurance policy number can only be issued to us when we commence the planting in March. Usually, insurance policy number for maize (corn) expires in 90 days. We can only have an active policy number that would cover the farm for 90 days (3 months) once planting commences.

Yes. Once you invest in the corn farm, H.O CORN will send you a legal document as a proof that you have investment with us, specifying the number of units you invest and the due date for receiving your payment which means, you have legal right and it is not a scam.

After we finished the cultivation (plowing and harrowing), we will commence planting in March.

The Corn/maize we plant will mature within 85 – 90 days (3 months).

Farm operations requires stages and a lot of work, this means we will need time to plant, harvest and sell to return your interest and invested capital.

This offer will close once we sell out our 30,000 units on or before the 20th of February, 2020.

No! Once the offer duration is closed, we will no longer accept investment because we want to focus on the farm.

The next farm cycle will open in July, 2020.

You can monitor your investment from anywhere with your mobile device, desktop or by visiting our office or by placing a call across. Also, we will be sending you bi-weekly updates, photos, videos and inform you of all activities going in the farm.

You can visit us at Plot 1679, Karimu Kotun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, 3rd floor, Africa Re-Insurance Building.

Visiting days: Mon-Friday.

Visiting hour: 8am to 5pm.

  1. First, you would need to sign up and create your profile by Clicking the “Signup” button by visiting website: and fill in your information.
  2. You select the number of units you want to invest
  3. And Click on the “INVEST NOW” button and make direct transfer/ deposit to our bank account displayed in your portal.
  4. Take a snapshot, scan and send to us on [email protected]
  5. After those steps, we will verify your payment and the number of units you invest plus the 50% ROI will reflect on your dashboard inclusive of the due date.