Who we are

‚ÄčAs a brand, we believe that food should be of high quality, locally sourced, readily available and sustainable.

Our passion

To pursue our passion for corn farming as a solution to the hunger crisis in Africa and a contributor to the continents Agricultural industry, H O CORN was borne by, Harrison O. Andrew from a 1000-acre farmland in Iseyin, a local government area located in the great OYO State, Nigeria.

HO CORN increased capacity to 30,000 acres recently as a step to accommodate large scale maize farming, increase opportunities for investors and provide massive employment for Nigerians to achieve our goal to become a household name in corn farming and production, surpass our expectations with that of our investors, provide financial stability and sustain it not just in the country, but Africa and globally.


HO.CORN produces and process superior fresh and dry corn to supply to the local Nigerian market whose domestic annual consumption has experienced a phenomenal growth rate from 9.41% 1960 reaching an all time high of 214.05% in 1990 and maintaining a steady growth rate till date.


Keeping our customers satisfied require a number of key people in whom we are proud to say are reliable, dedicated and very much part of our success due to their constant learning from each other working as an excellent team from cultivating, planting, harvesting, specially hand picking the premium quality H O sweet corn, bagging the corn up to the point of delivery to consumers. We couldn't possibly get along without them.


Strictly corn! Yes! We are proud Nigeria Corn farmers.

We love corn,

We are highly mechanised,

We do the back breaking labour and put in gruelling hours, trusting mother nature to nurture our produce to happy harvest

We fight prices and high interest rate,

We take the beating all the time yet, we remain resilient,

We are proud of what we do,

We have a unique purpose; to feed the world!


Our farm utilizes the latest technology in Agriculture production. We operate a complete line of modern machinery that include corn planter and combine harvester. Our tractors and combines use auto steer and record activities including seed variety, planting population, and harvested yield.


To be the largest corn farm in Africa, improve the sustainability of corn production in Nigeria, and creating wealth for Nigerians.


To produce high quality standard made-in-Nigeria dry corn of sustainable brand through agricultural revolution

Core Values

Accountability: At H O CORN we take responsibility of handling Your Investments to create mind blowing returns.
Transparency: We keep you informed on all activities that goes on in the farmland.
Integrity: At H O CORN we keep our word.

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